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Easy for you to Say, George Clooney!

Each year, millions of men around the country have some type of plastic surgery procedures carried out in a bid to look younger or even to correct minor imperfections pertaining to their appearance – despite the fact that George Clooney seems to think that men should not be having any form of cosmetic surgery performed. […]

Plastic Surgery Trends Happening Right Now That Are Shaping the Industry

Doctor measuring woman's face

Each year, thousands of patients have various types of cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures carried out for many different reasons. While some of the surgical options have remained steadfastly popular through the years, others have enjoyed brief periods of reaching the top of popularity ratings. Mentioned below are just a few examples of plastic surgery […]

Famous Actors Who Not Only Love their Plastic Surgery – They Flaunt it!

Two actors with slate

Each year, millions of people undergo one or more forms of plastic surgery, either to enhance their appearances, to correct minor flaws or even to help restore their appearances after being involved in accidents. Although society generally doesn’t notice when everyday people have cosmetic surgery performed, it sure sits up and takes notice when celebrities […]

Subtle Facial Plastic Surgery Treatments for Those Who Don’t Want to Make Major Changes

Happy woman in front of lights

Most people tend to associate plastic surgery with making drastic and extremely noticeable changes to various aspects of their appearances; however, this does not always have to be the case. Nowadays, cosmetic surgery candidates can choose to have subtle procedures performed that will still have the ability to make them feel good about themselves. Here […]

The Positive Emotional Steps Post Plastic Surgery

Happy bride

Each year, millions of patients have plastic surgery performed for various reasons. While the physical benefits can be clearly seen after initial healing has taken place, not many people realize how many emotional benefits can be enjoyed in conjunction with a new and improved appearance. Below are just a few ways in which patients can […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!