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The Importance of Vitamin D for Healthy Skin

Sunshine through trees

Many people know that vitamin D is important for their overall health, but not everybody realizes that it is also essential for healthy skin. That’s partly because the most common source of this vitamin – the sun – is also a common source of skin damage. By balancing your sources of this essential nutrient, however, […]

Meet Dr. Onir – ZOOM Teeth Whitening at Advanced Facial Aesthetics [video]

Zoom teeth whitening

Meet Dr. Onir, she manages patients and facilitates the ZOOM Teeth Whitening service at Advanced Facial Aesthetics.

Dr. Spiegel is Coming to Toronto!

Hey Toronto!

5 Hollywood Stars That Really LOVE Their Plastic Surgery

Since celebrities are role models for many people, they often feel pressured to look as beautiful as possible. As people age, their smooth skin and flawless features become a thing of the past. Luckily, the plastic surgery industry is here to help Hollywood stars stay on top of their looks. In fact, it is almost […]

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel Now Scheduling Consultations in Las Vegas – June 18-21

Vegas Baby

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel now scheduling consultations from June 18-21 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

What Exactly Is An Asian Rhinoplasty?

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Thanks to developments in the plastic surgery industry over the past few years, business has been better than ever. These days, there is almost no form of reconstructive or enhancement surgery that can be performed. More Asian people than ever are keen to have plastic surgery performed. However, many of them would like to retain […]

7 things An Emerge Laser Treatment Can Help Improve

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Thanks to modern technology, many people can now opt for various forms of enhancement surgery and treatments which will provide them with a look that could only have been dreamed of a few decades ago. One of the most popular treatments that are performed these days is Emerge laser treatment. This option is able to […]

What’s More Important with Plastic Surgery – Appearance or Quality of Life?

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These days, it’s almost impossible to go anywhere without hearing about celebrities and regular people who have had various forms of plastic surgery performed. However, there is often much debate surrounding the various reasons that people have plastic surgery performed. While some people feel it should only be performed in cases where scarring or deformities […]

Dr. Spiegel Image Used by Leading EMR & Practice Management Software Ad

Dr. Spiegel new software

One of the industry leading practice manager software companies, Patient NOW have used Boston plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel in a recent advertisement used for trade shows and other events.