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5 Facial Cosmetic Procedures Perfect for Your Tax Return Money

Person holding money

With tax refunds about to land in physical and electronic mailboxes, a nation is turning its thoughts to that special annual question: How should I spend the money that the IRS is about to give to me? One of these 5 facial cosmetic procedures could answer said question perfectly. 1. Fat is Where it is […]

5 Foods you can Put on your Face to Look Younger


A surprising number of foods commonly consumed for general health contain a number of vitamins and minerals that are highly beneficial when used on the skin. A number of natural facial masks can be made out of these common foods that make the face much healthier and appear more youthful. 1. Avocado Avocado is the […]

Are Selfies Pouring Fuel on the Cosmetic Surgery Industry? One News Channel Weighs In

Couple taking selfie

Is taking pictures of yourself to blame for the steady rise in cosmetic surgeries being performed? Fox’s Dr. Keith Ablow believes that it is the case. Watch the latest video at Selfies = Narcissism Digital narcissism is on the rise, thanks to a market that is saturated by cellular phones with high quality cameras. […]

5 Easy Facial Treatments to get you ready for Spring

Man with facial mask

Spring is nearly upon us, which means that it is the perfect time to get rid of that dry winterized skin with a spring facial. Below is a look at five options to consider before booking an appointment. Clear and Brilliant Laser Resurfacing This is one of the newest and most advanced facials available on […]

More Men Enhancing their Facial Appearance with Beard Transplants

In a relatively simple and increasingly popular procedure, men who have trouble growing beards naturally now have the option to get beard transplants. Some plastic surgeons today are reporting that they are performing the same number of beard transplants in a week today than they would have done in months just a few years ago. […]

Is Hollywood a Driving Force for the Plastic Surgery Industry?

Kitty is Jennifer Lawrence’s biggest fan, so much so that she spent $25,000 in plastic surgery procedures in attempt to become a spitting image of the ‘’American Hustle’’ star. Jennifer Lawrence’s stunning features, personality and self-esteem are what inspired the 30 year-old Texan to become just like her. Mental Preparation Kitty abandoned her dog training […]

Are Lasers Reshaping the Beauty Industry?

Multicolored lasers

Laser treatment is commonly used to treat a variety of skin irritations such as excessive hair, unwanted tattoos and hyperpigmentation. Although it can be costly, many people turn to laser treatment as a long-term solution to their recurring skin problems. Advantages of laser therapy typically include minimal bloodshed with better therapeutic results and decreased chance […]

Not all Face Washes are the Same – How to Pick the Right one for Your Skin

Woman washing face

These days, it seems as though each time we shop for a face wash or other form of beauty product, we are faced with what seems to be an overwhelming amount of new choices that seem to hit the shelves. As a result, selecting the right product can seem like a rather daunting task. However, […]

How Military Dermatologists are Helping Wounded Soldiers

Military members in hospital

Those who fight for their country put their lives on the line every day and are frequently wounded in the line of duty as a result. New advances in dermatology are allowing doctors to help aid the recovery of these wounded heroes. Laser Surgery Depending on the severity of an injury, substantial scarring is sometimes […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!