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How to Tell a Loved One they are Getting Too Much Plastic Surgery

  As the modern world develops a strong tolerance for plastic surgery, more and more people are opting to use cosmetic procedures to look their best. Even so, some patients tend to take it too far, and some doctors are not willing to tell their patients when enough is enough. In such cases, it is […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Selfie Photo

Couple taking selfie on beach

  Selfie photos are becoming a popular way to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences with friends and family. Whether on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or other social networking platforms, a selfie photo helps you connect and interact with people when you otherwise cannot be together. With a little practice, even a selfie photo master can […]

Sister Surgery to a Whole New Level


Most sisters experience some sort of rivalry in their lives. Whether the argument is over parental attention, marks in school, or a boyfriend, ask any sister and she will tell you that she has needed her space—even from her twin. This is not so for Australian twin sisters Lucy and Anna DeCinque, 28, who had […]

Cosmetic Surgery Continues to Grow in the United States

Plastic surgery on the rise

Mere decades ago, cosmetic surgery was a taboo subject that most people would never admit to undergoing. Today it is a booming business that helps people look their best. In 2013, the plastic surgery industry saw a fourth consecutive year of growth, proving that both appearance and self-esteem remain high priorities to many American citizens. […]

How Aging in the Future Might Just be a Thing of the Past

Old couple dancing

Aging is one factor of life that most people have accepted will never go away. Geneticist J. Craig Venter and a handful of other scientists hope to change that inevitability. Venter has launched a new company known as Human Longevity, Inc. and will be using every resource available to gather as much human genetic information […]

How a Few Facial Injectables Can Help Fight Those Winter Blues

Snowy landscape

If you have lived through winter in the northeast, then you know all about cars getting buried underneath piles of snow, frozen water pipes and people who force their dogs to wear those annoying sweaters. However, most people don’t know that winter also takes an emotional toll. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can alter your mood, […]

What is the Difference between SmartLipo and Liposuction?

Fat woman measuring her waist with a measuring tape in beauty salon

As larger number of people strive to have the figure of supermodels, the beauty and weight-loss industries have become more popular than ever before. Until a few years ago, traditional liposuction was one of the only ways for a person to eliminate unwanted fat from different parts of their bodies quickly. However, potential candidates now […]

How Has Morphing Technology Changed the Plastic Surgery Industry?

morphing technology

One of the hurdles that patients face when they undergo plastic surgery is that they aren’t always sure what they will look like when the surgery is over. Luckily, modern technology is here to save the day. Morphing technology can take a single image and adjust it to reflect what a patient will look like […]

What Smoking Does to the Skin on your Face and Why it Makes you Look Older

Cigarette lighter

Most people know smoking is bad for their health, causing everything from COPD and heart disease to lung and oral cancer. But did you know smoking also affects your looks? Learn how smoking damages skin and makes people look older below. Wrinkles and Crinkles When you think about an aging face, you’re probably imagining wrinkles. […]

Reasons Why Plastic Surgery Can Make You Feel so Positive About Life

Friends running through field

In years gone by, people who were not happy with their appearance simply had to learn to make the most of it. However, in the past decade or two, it has become possible to alter or enhance virtually any part of a person’s body by means of various plastic surgery procedures. This form of surgery […]

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