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Why are More and More Professionals Opting for Botox?

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Botox treatments used to be a secret shame, procedures kept behind closed doors by individuals who were afraid to admit they underwent the procedures. More and more professionals are opting for Botox, however, making them more mainstream. Convenience and lower cost are among the reasons why they choose this procedure. Professional Appearance Every professional knows […]

6 Ways to Feel Younger & Youthful

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You may be surprised at how easy it is to change your habits and begin looking and feeling younger. There is no escaping growing older, but if you want to age gracefully, it is important that you take good care of your body and mind. 1. Exercise Proper exercise is one of the most important […]

More 20-Somethings Opting for Botox Than Ever Before

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Although the development of fine lines and wrinkles is usually associated with those over the age of 50, the latest trend is now seeing more women in their 20s and 30s that are taking the bull by the horns and having Botox treatments before they even see their first wrinkles forming. Why Botox Injections are […]

Doing These 5 Things Every day Will Make you Look Much Older


A large percentage of the population wants to do everything in their power to ensure that they look as young as possible. However, there are a few habits that many people engage in which have the ability to make them look far older than they really are. 1. Spending too Much Time in the Sun […]

Wedding Day Plastic Surgery – Easy Treatments to Get Done Before your Big Day

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The concept of wedding day plastic surgery may sound daunting. Planning out your treatment a few weeks to a month or two in advance, however, makes it simple. There are lots of easy treatments that are generally safe and quick, and can create the exact look you want to make your wedding day photos perfect. […]

Want to Look Like Justin Bieber? One 33-Year-Old Did Just That

  Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber is proof that a fresh, sweet face goes a long way towards success. But would it be worth switching your own face for his? And would it be worth £60,000 to do it? That is the amount that Toby Sheldon, age 33, spent on plastic surgery to […]

Vodka as a Skin Toner? [video]

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On a recent episode of the Doctors TV Show they discussed how vodka and green tea can be used as a skin toner. Take a look. Above Image Source: Flickr/CreativeCommons/Nico Nelson

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