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Can Botox Also Help Fight Fat?

Knee Cortisone Injection

Each year, the beauty industry makes the dreams of thousands of women come true by means of plastic surgery or even Botox injections. Although this treatment is usually associated more with reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face or enhancing the appearance of breasts, recent research regarding its use in helping […]

Did Marilyn Monroe Have Plastic Surgery?

Marilyn Monroe statue

Although most people tend to think that plastic surgery is a fairly recent development, evidence has come to light showing that certain procedures were being performed as far back as the 1950’s. Recently, a set of 6 x-ray images along with a doctor’s notes came to light which revealed that Marilyn Monroe had a chin […]

6 Ways to Look Good on the Inside as Well as the Outside


Most women want to look as young as possible for as long as possible. Although there are many lotions and other products that promise instant rejuvenation and vitality, very few of them are able to live up to these claims. There are however, a few timeless anti-aging tips that are worth trying. 1. Consume as […]

What Exactly is KPOP Surgery?

Kpop model

KPOP surgery is a slang term that is used to define a series of plastic surgeries that are becoming increasingly popular among Korean women. It is thought that the introduction of what is called ‘K-pop’, or a Korean musical movement that is home to a variety of beautiful teen idols, has led to a surge […]

4 Plastic Surgery Treatments you can get done during your Lunch Hour


Plastic surgery is becoming less invasive, more affordable and increasingly popular among both men and women who just want to eliminate minor cosmetic issues and look a little younger. It is vital that you make sure you visit a licensed plastic surgeon for any treatments and also make sure any treatments you consider are approved […]

How Wrinkles Might Have Been Passed Down From Your Mom

One of a woman’s worst beauty nightmares is the fact that she may develop facial wrinkles at some stage of her life. Initially, it has been thought that wrinkles develop as a result of not taking proper care of facial and neck skin from a young age. However, a recent study has shown that some […]

3D Planning – Next Big Move in Plastic Surgery Industry

Plastic surgeons are asked to alter a wide range of facial malformations. Even if a person has a small deformity, this could affect the way she perceives herself and her quality of life. Restructuring proportions of the face is a difficult yet fascinating challenge for aesthetic treatments. One of the best ways available to plan […]

Botox Injections are no Longer a Taboo


Over the years, most forms of plastic surgery have received a bad rap. As a result, most people would not advertise the fact that they had opted for any form of it. However, these days, quick procedures such as Botox injections have become extremely popular, as well as widely advertised. A reason for this could […]

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