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An Interesting Look at a Recent Plastic Surgery Study by Allure Magazine

Model poses in front of a aged wall

Recently, Allure magazine conducted a survey regarding aging. 2,000 people, male and female, were asked about the various aspects of aging. It is no wonder an astounding number of people desire to look younger, women in particular. While this has commonly been a factor in society for decades, Allure’s recent survey revealed just how far […]

5 Reasons why Plastic Surgery Could be an Investment for Some

Piggy bank

In the past, plastic surgery was generally thought of as being only for women with disposable incomes. However, times have changed, and plastic surgery is more and more often being seen as an investment for a number of different reasons including those below. Self-Confidence Plastic surgery can give a much-needed injection of self-confidence to people. […]

Check out Dr. Spiegel on the Cover of The Top Doctors in America

Dr Spiregel on the Top Doctors of America

Check out Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel on the cover of The Top Doctors in America.

What is Cryotherapy in Terms of Plastic Surgery?


The term cryotherapy refers to the use of cold temperatures during medical treatment. The word itself comes from the Greek world cryo, which means cold, and the Greek use of the world therapy, which means cure. This kind of treatment has been used as early as the Seventeenth Century, and is now being used in […]

How Gaining a Few Pounds Can Make you Look Younger

Person on scale next to ice cream

Yes you heard it, gaining a few pounds can actually make you look more youthful and healthy. Below is a video from the Doctors TV show that discusses how and why.

Is There a Magic Pill For Anti-Aging?

Magic Pill

Over the years, there have been many products on the market that have claimed to help slow or even reverse the aging process. Although this was not true until a few years ago, it is now believed that there is the perfect product on the market that is able to achieve this. The discovery of […]

More People Opting for Surgery to Stay Competitive in Their Career

Man at desk

The number of people receiving some form of cosmetic surgery, invasive or non-invasive, continues to rise. While this can be contributed to many factors, including insurance coverage for some procedures, price and availability, studies suggest individuals may use these procedures to make them more competitive at work. In a recovering economy, great jobs can still […]

5 Indicators that Show Men are Just as Interested in Plastic Surgery as Women

Man looking in mirror

The world we live in places an extremely high value on looking both young and fit. Men are no exception to society’s expectations, and are becoming more and more interested in plastic surgery. There are a variety of different indicators that show men are just as interested in plastic surgery as women including the ones […]

How Sleep Can Have a Significant Impact on Aging

Sleeping under desk

In today’s world, people are constantly busy. They often work incredibly long hours, have a very full social life and are involved with a number of sports and community activities. Unfortunately, sleep often suffers, as more and more is crammed into each waking moment. It is important to note that the amount of sleep that […]

Why Do People Love Kate Middleton’s Nose So Much?


Since the early days of the Royal Wedding Kate Middleton’s nose has been a hot topic of discussion. Image Source: The Doctors TV

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!