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Need Surgery to Fix Gauged Ears? – We Can Do That!

Gauged earlobe

Though people have been stretching their earlobes for centuries, it is only recently that young adults have started doing it as fashion statement. Despite having rapidly increased in popularity over the last few years, this fashion has set the stage for a number of people wanting their earlobes back to their normal state. After the […]

Why Neova Skin Care Products are the Best in the Industry

Dr. Spiegel office

It is no secret that premature skin aging is more often than not linked to frequent sun exposure. Neova is the first successful skin care company that offers products that target the cause of skin aging – not its symptoms. By targeting the cause, they have managed to come up with a wide array of […]

Deprive Your Skin of These 6 Elements and You Might Have Unhealthy Skin


Not many people may be aware that our skin is the largest organ in our bodies. It is responsible for protecting the internal organs and assists with preventing numerous toxins from entering our bodies. However, for the skin to do this successfully, it requires essential nutrients and trace elements to stay healthy for as long […]

More Men Using Testosterone for Anti-Aging then Ever Before

Man running with carriage

News sources say that now more than ever, men are using testosterone for anti-aging. According to JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, testosterone prescriptions have increased substantially in the last 10 years. Commonly known as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), it seems the primary reasons for increased use of testosterone for anti-aging involve better […]

The Doctors Discuss 3 Summer Beauty Tips

Woman walking near ocean with suitcase

With summer right around the corner who wouldn’t want some easy tips to look even more beautiful this summer? On an episode of The Doctors TV Show experts weigh in on some great beauty tips for the upcoming summer season. Image Source: Doctors TV Show

How Plastic Surgery Can Give you a Lift [infographic]

Can a lift give you a lift

People venture out for plastic surgery for a multitude of reasons. One of the biggest is self-esteem and how they feel personally. There is nothing like a little boost to your way of life by a certain plastic surgery treatment you might have been curious about. A recent study conducted by the American Society for […]

A New Loosely Based Transgender Cartoon Make it to Prime Time

Cartoon character

Having a special item that turns a regular person into a superhero has been a part of comics, movies and television shows. With SheZow, the new cartoon on The Hub network, there is a new twist to the old way of getting super powers. The Show SheZow is about a young boy named Guy, who […]

How a Laser Facial Treatment Can Take Years Off Your Appearance

More and more people are looking for safe and easy forms of treatment that will help improve the appearance of their facial skin. Although many forms of treatment are currently available that can do this, not all of them are as safe and effective as laser facial treatment. This treatment is able to correct minor […]

Great Skin Secret Weapon – the Power of the Coconut


Coconut is often thought of as a wonderful scent to fill your home with during the summer months, or a flavoring and garnish in a favorite adult beverage. Surprisingly, there are many ways your skin can benefit from coconut. Read on to discover the many ways coconut can become your very own secret weapon for […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!