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3 Important Things You Should do to Your Face Every Night

Wash, wash, and wash

Despite the fact that a person’s face is probably one of the most noticeable features on their bodies, very few of them give much thought to taking care of the skin there. Many people use various forms of make-up and treatments during the day instead of at night when most skin replenishment and rejuvenation actually […]

What is Collagen and What Happens to it When We Age?

Collagen, What is it?

You have probably heard the word “collagen” many times in reference to the skin. You may have seen it on numerous product labels and television commercials, promising to be the answer for healthy and youthful-looking skin. But what is collagen, exactly, and what kind of effects can people expect to see from it as they […]

Botox Has More Than One Benefit

Sick woman in bed

When one hears the word Botox being mentioned, most people associate it with people who want to look younger than they really are. However, over the past few years, it has been discovered that Botox is able to be used for a wide range of applications other than just beauty enhancement. In fact, there are […]

5 Anti Aging Drinks Perfect for the Summer Months Ahead


Anti aging drinks are beverages that contain anti aging products that act to prevent signs of aging from the inside out. Common anti aging drinks can act to prevent things such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and inflammation. The following is an overview of a few healthy drinks that have anti aging ingredients and are […]

Surprising Data from a Recent Plastic Surgery Survey

While once the province of only the physically disabled and victims of disfiguring trauma, cosmetic surgery is now extremely common among people who simply don’t like the way they look. Plastic surgery has become a huge portion of the medical industry in many developed countries. A recent survey collected data on the worldwide incidence of […]

One Video Discusses the Rise of Plastic Surgery in South Korea

If you haven’t heard of the K-pop Effect it is taking some Asian countries by storm. South Korea has seen a drastic increase in plastic surgery that causes pop stars to look a bit more Western. More and more Koreans are opting to reduce cheekbones and make their eyes larger and more round. South Korea […]

5 Things You Should See When You Walk into a Plastic Surgery Office

Office decorations

Before you place your trust in the hands of a plastic surgeon, evaluate his or her office. There are telltale signs of a competent doctor and if you find yourself with any misgivings, reevaluate this physician. Chances are that there’s a better plastic surgeon elsewhere. When it comes to your health and safety, you cannot […]

Why has Botox Become so Popular?

Botox injection is a relatively new treatment for muscle spasms, pain and cosmetic blemishes that people are flocking to, but it hasn’t always been so popular and widely-used. In fact, it has only been considered safe for cosmetic use since 2002 according to the FDA, when it was deemed fit to improve the look of […]

Why Plastic Surgery Makes People So Happy

Young woman smiling

Cosmetic surgeries have gotten a bad rap in many circles in recent years. However, there is now some evidence suggesting that recipients of plastic surgery experience greater happiness and quality of life as the result of their chosen procedures. This information could be of interest to those who are on the fence about plastic surgery […]

Top Anti aging foods for Men


A healthy diet can go a long way toward helping people prevent health problems while also slowing down the aging process. Men need to include different foods into an anti-aging diet than women do because of their increased risk of certain health problems and the unique way in which their bodies age. Sweet Potatoes High […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!