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Is Resveratrol The Magic Pill For Anti-Aging?

The product Resveratrol has been advertised as being able to fight aging and serious diseases and illnesses. These claims have gotten it a lot of recognition. The question must be asked if it actually lives up to the hype and if it delivers the effects that it claims to. The Magic Ingredient The pill is […]

Difference Between Botox and Facial Fillers – How to Choose

Both Botox and facial fillers are effective methods of rectifying signs of aging. Their popularity and prevalence have risen over the years. Yet, it is often asked what is the difference between the two, as they are often confused as one another and considered synonymous. The truth is that they are not and tackle specifically […]

How do you Fix Chubby Cheeks?

Some people reach out to cosmetic surgery to increase the appearance of their cheeks. Here is a great video from the Doctors TV show where they discuss how to fix chubby cheeks.

How the Plastic Surgery Industry Came out of the Shadows

Utilizing plastic surgery used to be a secretive event that patients hid from loved ones. People either avoided speaking about it or jeered at people for using it. Modern times have changed this reaction however, and plastic surgery is more accepted than ever. Cosmetic procedures provide people with confidence to fully live, and most people […]

What is Anti Aging Clothing?

Women are doing anything they can these days to keep their skin from aging. They use anti-aging lotions, serums and creams like a ritual. Now keeping your skin from aging is as easy as getting dressed in the morning thanks to an anti aging clothing line from Cass Luxury Shapewear. WearRepair Anti-Aging Shapewear Cass Luxury […]

How Has Social Media Changed the Plastic Surgery Industry?

The use of social media has spread like wildfire and nearly every company in every industry is using some form of it to better communicate with consumers, whether they are announcing new products or resolving customer complaints. This is no different in the plastic surgery industry, as patients can research a practice, talk with their […]

4 Quick & Easy Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

Millions of people throughout the world are more concerned about looking older than ever before. This could be because the media portrays younger looking people as being more successful in life, whether they are seeking career advancement or whether they are looking to get involved in a new relationship. While it used to take a […]

5 Myths about Botox Treatments

When people say they want Botox treatments or have had them before, others may cringe. This is a natural reaction considering how taboo society has made Botox. However, how much of the stigma surrounding Botox injections is warranted? Here are some myths about the procedure that have been discredited. Botox is Toxic to the Body […]

Some Workouts Could Make You Look Older

Image Source: Flickr/Tulane Public Relations Working out and exercising seem like they would be the best things you could do for your body. However, some sources state that working out may be making people look years older than they really are. Does this mean you should hang up your running shoes for good? Should we […]

What is a Mommy Makeover?

Image Source: Flickr/ToOb Throughout the world, millions of mothers have spent so much time taking care of their spouses and children that they have forgotten how to take good care of themselves in the process. As a result, they can end up looking a lot older than they really are. However, the good news is […]