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6 Ways To Keep Your Skin Moist this Winter

Snow on cars

When winter rolls around, people make sure they buy a lot of lotion to keep their skin moisturized. Some people may apply lotion to their skin and still have trouble with being dry and itchy. In this case, here are a few ways people can beat the trend. 1) Humidity The humidity level in the […]

Anti-Aging Gene Identified

Old couple

Image Source: Flickr Creative Commons – Jan Tik Humans have been searching for a fountain of youth for centuries. Without this mystical anti-aging fluid, turning to specialized cosmetic procedures and products has become a common response to aging. While a mythological source of anti-aging has yet to be discovered, an anti-aging gene that suppresses tumors […]

6 Ways to Lose Your Body Related Insecurities

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Image Source: Flickr/Caza_No_7 When it comes to our bodies, there are very few people who have absolutely no insecurities regarding their physical appearance. Whether they think they are too fat or too thin or whether they think they need surgery in order to improve certain aspects of their appearance, almost all of us have fantasized […]

Why Stress Shows Signs of Aging on the Face

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Along with the fact that stress is one of the biggest killer diseases around these days, one of the biggest fears that many people are plagued by is that of looking older than they really are. This is because they then tend to feel inferior to other people who are the same age as they […]

What are Alpha Hydroxy Acids?

Alpha hydroxy acids

Alternatively known as AHA, alpha hydroxy acids are commonly used in cosmetic products to assist with the rejuvenation of damaged skin cells. The reason for using them is because of the fact that they are able to assist with the shedding of the outermost layers of skin which in turn allows new skin to grow […]

Do you Sweat? Clean that Skin or Get Clogged Pores

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Although there are a great deal of benefits associated with regular exercise, one disadvantage is the fact that excessive sweat and perspiration can lead to the pores on the skin becoming clogged and infected, which can lead to unpleasant and often uncomfortable skin breakouts. This is because many people simply do not have the facilities […]

Daily Activities to Slow Down Aging [video]

Image Source: Doctors TV Show Nobody likes getting older especially if the signs of aging are coming in stronger than ever before. On this segment of the Doctors TV Show they discuss a variety of quick activities anyone can do on a daily basis to slow down the signs of aging. The best part of […]

How to Get Rid of Those Brown Spots on Your Face

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Image Source: Flickr/tommerton2010 In most cases, women are the ones who suffer most from brown spots on their faces. This is often a direct result of hormonal changes which can occur during menopause or pregnancy and in some cases; it can even be caused by using certain birth control pills or excessive exposure to the […]

5 Tips to Look Better in Your Facebook Photos


Facebook has become one of the most popular platforms in the world for sharing photos with family and friends. Although many people look great in photos, there are those who lack the confidence to appear in front of a camera lens or who simply don’t photograph as well as others. There are a few tips […]

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