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Want to Slow Down Aging? Smile More

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Image Source: Flickr/manduhsaurus Although many people have heard that smiling uses fewer facial muscles than frowning, it is only fairly recently that research has actually proven this to be true. Those who spend more time smiling have been shown to develop fewer facial wrinkles than those who are stressed and frown a lot. The amount […]

Top Anti Aging Tips for Men

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Image Source: Flickr/torbakhopper These days, there are just as many men as women who are becoming more aware of how important it is to take care of their skin as much as possible. Although there are plenty of tips and advice for women that prevent them from aging, a lot of men are under the […]

How to Avoid Aging on your Lips


The lips are often the most neglected part of most anti-aging regimens. They do not need a lot of care, but can be a dead giveaway of how old or young a person is so it deserves the same amount of attention as the other parts of the face. Maintain Moisture Dehydrated skin is susceptible […]

The Latest Growing Trend in Plastic Surgery – Mother Daughter Treatments

Mothers and daughters have been known throughout history to have extremely complex relationships. They often like to hang out together and do a number of different activities together such as shopping, jogging, sewing, playing cards, cooking, hiking, gardening and even cosmetic surgeries. Supportive Partner The American Academy of Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reported a […]

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get Plastic Surgery

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These days, one of the most common forms of surgery that one hears about is that of plastic or cosmetic surgery. Although many people have plastic surgery to remove scar tissue or to avoid being teased by their peers about deformities, such as in the case of children, others have it to try and enhance […]

How to Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon for Botox

Botox Treatment Over the past few years, hundreds of thousands of people have made use of Botox treatment for various forms of cosmetic treatment. Although there are many reputable surgeons who perform Botox treatments, there are also many who are simply out to make money. These are the ones who have very little to no […]

5 Things You Should Absolutely Do Post Plastic Surgery

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Thousands of people undergo various forms of plastic surgery on a daily basis. While some of these procedures may be minor, others are more intense and require the patient to exercise extra caution with regards to their health and wellbeing for a few weeks after surgery. If your plastic surgeon doesn’t openly discuss the recovery […]

6 Things You Should Never Do to Your Face

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Image Source: Flickr/tommerton2010 There are plenty of remedies and products on the market geared toward anti-aging and maintaining healthy skin. But what about the things done routinely that contribute to aging and are simply bad for the skin? Here are some important tips on what to avoid while practicing healthier facial care. Too Much Sun […]

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