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Dr.Spiegel Announces New Botox Event

Spook-tacular Boo-tox Party

Toyota has a new Transgender Model

In a sign of changing times, Toyota’s new model is the very androgynous Stav Strashko, who doubles as both a man and a woman in the car company’s newest Japanese commercial. Toyota Plays at Misdirection Strashko’s debut in Toyota’s ads involves a bit of bait and switch. Appearing at first to be a woman in […]

3 Reasons Why Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is Right For You

Is it right for you

According to the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), the number of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures has increased nearly 300% in the past 10 years. With over 9 million surgical and non-surgical procedures being formed in 2011, it is obvious that many individuals feel there are considerable benefits involved. ASAPS lists the top 5 […]

Mob Wives TV Star Hit with $77 Million Lawsuit from Plastic Surgeon

Mob Wives is a reality show that debuted on April 17, 2011 on VH1 that follows six women in Staten Island after their husbands or fathers are imprisoned for mafia crimes. Renee Graziano is one of the original cast members of the show, and the daughter of Anthony Graziano who is a well-known New York […]

Excessive Sun Exposure while Driving can be Detrimental to your Health

Sun damage

Can the sun’s ultra violet rays penetrate through glass and damage your skin? Yes, it most certainly can according to the New England Journal of Medicine. This information is based on a study done by Jennifer R.S. Gordon, M.D. of Northwestern University who determined that the damage done to the above patients’ left side of […]

Dr. Spiegel Featured on the Globe

Recently Dr. Spiegel had a chance to be featured on the Globe.  

Have You Seen Our Tiffany Blue Bathroom?

It’s blue! I know that this is not your ordinary type of blog post but we felt compelled to share you a photo of our patient bathroom here at our office. Tiffany and Co. has been a staple jewelry designer in the US since 1837 and along with the beautiful jewelry they offer, is the […]

3 Non-Surgical Treatments to Have Before Your Wedding Day

Icon of a man proposing

With all the preparation that a wedding day entails it’s difficult to think about you. However, with a simple office visit, a bride or groom-to-be can go from looking drab to fab in minutes! Don’t be scared, this isn’t surgery. By simply having a consultation and letting Dr. Spiegel know exactly what your goals are […]

Dr. Spiegel Wins 2012 Award from

Best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons

Recently Dr. Spiegel has been awarded the highly recognizable Best Cosmetic Surgeon of 2012 award This award is a national recognition program that honors cosmetic surgeons nationwide that are redefining surgery practices in the industry. It’s great to know that one of the nation’s best cosmetic surgeons can be found right here in Boston. […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!