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One 24 Year Old Explains Why She Got Botox

Woman before and after

Left: Danielle, before treatments. Image Source: In a recent article on the Stylist one young women, Danielle Dunsmuir decided to receive preventative Botox injections at the age of 24. We know what some of you might be thinking when you read this, is 24 too young? To answer this question properly you have to […]

How To Fight Wrinkles in the Kitchen

Pouring milk in blender

Often times people quickly turn towards ointments, lotions and moisturizers to fight wrinkles but what many people don’t realize is that a good starting point is right in the kitchen. A healthy diet consisting of the right ingredients can quickly help the aging process buy reducing the amount of wrinkles. In this video from the […]

15 Years of Plastic Surgery Growth

15 years

The plastic surgery industry is an area that has shown amazing growth over the last fifteen years despite economic down turns. Recently The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery put out an infographic piece showcasing the information and data regarding the plastic surgery industry over the last 15 years.

Keelin Godsey Might be First Transgender to Compete in Olympics

Keelin Godsey

Keelin Godsey There have been many firsts for the transgender community in recent years and this could be another great accomplishment . Keelin Godsey was born but is now male and could be the first transgender athlete to ever compete in the Olympics.

Coffee Ground Scrub for Healthy Skin

Coffee Time

Yes, believe it or not a quick solution to having nice fresh healthy skin comes in the form of coffee grounds. People have been using coffee grounds on their skin for some time now and if you are a coffee lover you will be in absolute heaven. By mixing a little coffee, sea salt and […]

Saved by the Bell Star, Tiffani Thiessen’s Tip for Staying Healthy and Beautiful

Tiffani Thiessen

New mom Tiffani Thiessen shares her 3 secrets to living a healthy life and staying fit and fabulous. Recently after giving birth to her daughter Harper Wren, she lost 45 lbs and this week on the doctors she shares her top 3 tips for staying healthy and beautiful.

Stop Excessive Sweating under your Arms with Botox

No More Sweat

Did you know that Botox not only eliminates fine lines and wrinkles but it can also stop excessive sweating under the arms for both men and women! The medical term for this is hyperhidrosis and many, many people suffer from this embarrassing disorder. Botox is able to stop excessive sweating from occurring by actually paralyzing […]

Gauged Earlobe Reconstruction

Gauged earlobe

Do you wear heavy earrings? Are you someone who had their earlobes stretched as a trend and now regret it? Stretched earlobes are a growing concern among patients and there can be several reasons why the earlobes were stretched. However, this is type of reconstruction is as easy as a simple in office procedure. Sometimes […]

Dr. Spiegel Featured Discussing Brotox

It's Brotox Man

Male plastic surgery has certainly been on the rise over the last 5-10 years and the trend continues to grow. It has been dubbed “brotox” and it is the process of male Botox procedures. Recently Daily Beauty featured Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel discussing this growing area of plastic surgery and he has this to say. “There […]

3 Fun Do-it yourself Summer Facials

3 ways

Summer Time is almost here and for those of you who don’t always have time for a day at the spa below are some great facials that you can give yourself at home with common household items and foods. For tired, puffy eyes: While you’re making your morning tea make sure you hold on to […]