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Dr. Spiegel Discusses How to Take the Right Facebook Photos


Facebook is a hot place to showcase those good looks but have you ever stopped to think about the quality of your photo? Recently Dr. Spiegel was featured on Future Derm discussing how to take the right Facebook photo to really showcase your features. Dr. Spiegel gave 8 ways to take a better Facebook photo. […]

Neova Skincare featured on The Doctors Television Show

Dr. Spiegel office

For those our patients who are avid Neova users you will be happy to know that Neova Skin Care was featured on the popular TV program “The Doctors” this week. For those of you who haven’t tried Neovas luxurious skincare line, perhaps the video below will convince you to make a switch. Neova Skincare are […]

Men’s Health Identifies Most Popular Male Surgery Procedures

The days of men hiding from the plastic surgery offices across the globe are over. Male plastic surgery is on the rise and continues to climb every year. Men’s Health put this data together to showcase just how popular male plastic surgery has become. Sure these numbers are from 2010 but the statistics are still […]

Protect your Skin for the Summer

Sun drawing

With summer just around the corner, most people have the sun, the beach and the warm weather to look forward to however there are several things that we need to do to prevent future damage to our skin. It doesn’t matter how old you are, protecting your skin during these sunny months are essential to […]

Have You Seen Our New Office Yet?

A little while back we opened up a new office and for those of you who have not yet been able to see our new space here are some photos.

Famous Rocker Comes Out As Transgender

Get More: Music News With many changes going on in the world today it seems as though more and more people in the spotlight are choosing to have the courage to live life as they choose. This is great news to those who are still either scared to come out or for those who think […]

Argentina New Transgender Legislation Makes It A Legal Right

Thanks Argentina

For many years, the transgender community has struggled with law makers over the issue of making sex change surgery a legal right. The “humans right to happiness” issue has been something that American law makes have continuously found secondary to other pending issues in this country however many of our patients find this is an […]

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) Surgery Patient Video

FFS Recap Surgery

For some of our Facial Feminization Surgery patients, traveling out of state to undergo FFS is quite a daunting task. It can be scary to travel outside of your comfort zone to have surgery! Thanks to one of our wonderful patients, we now have a great video of her entire experience with us! This video […]

Most Popular Male Plastic Surgery Procedures

It is not just women receiving plastic surgery treatments any longer. Male plastic surgery has been significantly on the rise and there doesn’t seem to be a slow down occurring anytime soon. Men have realized that it is no longer something they have to hide within their circle of friends. Plastic surgery is there for […]

Plastic Surgery Popularity Broken Down

Plastic Surgery numbers

Despite the economy and what is occurring in our surroundings many are still finding the way to acquire plastic surgery treatments. MintLife blog, a staple financial organization recently dissected just how people are spending their money on various surgery procedures in the U.S. Here are some fun facts: The northeast most popular surgery is the […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!