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Plastic Surgery for Men-Simple. Easy. Effective.

Male Plastic Surgery

The 1950’s.  Some say it was a revolutionary time for politics, film and family life.  Much of this decade focused on issues of masculinity.  Some enforced ideals and others departured away from the norm.  Not quite a period of the “male crisis” but not yet a time for free experimentation of the male ideals we […]

5 Things to Look out for During Cosmetic Surgery Consultation:

I’m sure most of you know how to research a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. The information age has made it easier and easier for patients these days to find a qualified cosmetic surgeon.  Finding a surgeon online via research is one step however how do you know of that surgeon is right […]

3 Ways to Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Minutes

“How?” you ask. “How could I possibly look 10 years younger in merely 10 minutes?” I’m sure most people have watched commercials advertising various facial creams, lotions, serums and scrubs that claim to turn back the clock. All while showing a beautiful model with porcelain, glowing, almost “doll like” skin. The truth of the matter […]