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Make Sure Your Plastic Surgeon is Qualified

Research your doctor

Believe it or not in-office procedures do not require state licensing in all 50 states.  What this means is that certain doctors reaching for lost revenues are starting to perform cosmetic surgery procedures they do not have qualifications for by venturing into states that do not require licensing.  Gross huh? Very and extremely dangerous if things should […]

Botox to Treat Itchy Skin?

Botox is quickly becoming one of those treatments that is turning into a wonder drug. Over the years Botox has been able to cure more than just looks. Botox has been able to treat excessive sweating, headaches and now itchy skin. In a story on IOL Lifestyle: “The wrinkle jab Botox may be an effective […]

When Not to Use Botox

Dr. Spiegel

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel discusses in this YouTube video a variety of reasons why a person should not be using Botox injections to solve certain facial issues that a person might be trying to correct.

Meet with Dr. Spiegel in Miami

Dr. Spiegel is Miami

For those of you who in the south east area of Florida and would like to meet with Dr. Spiegel and discuss your surgical needs he will be in Miami between 1/25-1/28. For those of you who might be interested in scheduling some time with him please contact Katie at or call 617-566-3223. Location […]

Woman Has Ear Surgery and Hears for the First Time Ever [video]

Sarah Churman has been hearing impaired since birth and due to a recent ear surgery she is able to hear her own voice for the very first time. This video marks the very first moment she was able to hear her voice and it is enough to shed a tear of joy down your cheek.

10 Beautiful Women that were Once Men

It is nice to see main stream media showcase something that was once hidden in society. This does not just apply to transgender but plastic surgery as a whole. Plastic surgery of any kind is now much more accepted than it ever was before. The Huffington Post recently did a story called 10 Gorgeous Women […]

How To Fix or Repair Gauged Ear Lobes [Dr. Spiegel Video]

Dr Spiegel

Repairing and fixing gauged ear lobes can occur from a variety of reasons. Whether you have made a fashion statement in the past by purposely stretching out your ear lobes or you have been plagued with droopy ear lobes from years of heavy earrings we can help you. Boston based plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel […]

Brotox? The New Botox Trend for Men

Man receiving botox injection

The new trend growing now? Brotox is what people are referring to it or Botox for men which is a fast growing trend in the plastic surgery industry. For quite a while Botox has been very popular amoungst females but until recently men have been jumping into the pool of the wonderful world of Botox. […]

Dr. Spiegel Featured on ABC News Discussing Gender Surgery and Chaz Bono

There is no shortage of stories that relate to Chaz Bono and the transgender re-assignment surgeries he has gone through to successfully make it through his transition. Chaz was recently featured on ABC News discussing a variety of issues that people were curious about now for some time. Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel was recently quoted in the ABC News […]

How To Prepare for Plastic Surgery

Pre Plastic Surgery Tips

There are some things that a person should always do prior to any plastic surgery treatment. For the more complex surgeries there are of course more specific items a person should be thinking about prior to their plastic surgery treatment. Here are some important tips a patient should think about: Smoking: Smoking in general is […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!