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Dr. Spiegel Featured on

Modern Medicine

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel was recently featured on Modern Medicine surrounding a discussion around Asian specific plastic surgery and how the demand for reshaping the face is strongly growing in China and Korea. “When a large masseter makes the jaw appear wider, botulinum toxin can be used to reduce the size of the masseter muscles; sometimes, […]

Generation X Starting to Surpass Baby Boomers with Plastic Surgery

Generation X

For quite some time the baby boomer generation was the king of plastic surgery but recently the trends in the business might be starting to shift into the other direction. With more information starting to make waves regarding plastic surgery and safety aspects that surround it more young professionals are turning towards a variety of […]

20 Transgender Pioneers

Recently the Huffington Post did an amazing piece on the top 20 transgender pioneers that have influenced us and made waves in their respective professions. As time goes on society becomes much more open with the idea of being transgender and that is evident in this recent post. “Today is the 13th International Transgender Day […]

Dr. Spiegel Discusses Fraud and Facial Recognition

Baltimore Sun

Technology has no plans on slowing down progress and growth and the world around us becomes more and more connected through the gadgets that are sitting in our pockets and purses. Recent;y Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel was featured on the Baltimore Sun discussing how technology and facial recognition are playing a role together in our society. “Facial […]

U.S Spent Close to $350 Million On Plastic Surgery for Soldiers Spouses

A recent report came out regarding how the U.S government spent close to $350 million dollars on plastic surgery treatments for obese spouses of those serving in the war. In a recent story on Daily Mail: “The Defense Department spent an astonishing $363million on weight-loss surgery for the obese spouses of military personnel over the […]

What Is A Rhinoplasty Video by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

What is a Rhinoplasty

Recently we put together a series of YouTube videos on our Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel video channel and our most recent addition is, What is a Rhinoplasty?

New Surgery Can Change Eye Color

With so many cosmetic treatments available in today’s cosmetic surgery industry it was only a matter of time before permanent eye color changes where offered. A doctor has done just that. “Is it safe? Dr. Gregg Homer of Calif.-based Stroma Medical, the company behind the experimental procedure, told that he’s convinced it doesn’t affect […]

Noninvasive Office Procedures Soaring in Popularity

Scissors crossed out

As time and technology mature and grow so does the plastic surgery industry and the procedures we are able to perform right in the office. More and more noninvasive procedures are making their way into the limelight keeping surgeons across the board out of hospital operating rooms making the treatments very attractive for patients who […]

How About A Vampire Facelift?

Vampire facelift

A vampire face lift has been a procedure that has been rising with popularity recently. Rather than using synthetic ingredients which are still 100% safe some patients would rather use their own blood to fill in lines and give them that youthful look and feel. Vampire Face Lift Procedure Video

Transgender Body Builder Competes With Women and Wins

The transgender community has certainly grown in leaps and bounds when it comes to overall community acceptance. People no longer feel that they want to be quiet and are free to express themselves in any way they please which is an amazing thing. Chris Tina Bruce has been competing in body building for almost 20 […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!