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Coffee Can Decrease Your Chances With Skin Cancer

Coffee Cup

According to a new study with coffee researchers have found that just three cups of coffee per/day can significantly reduce that chances of developing skin cancer. According to MSNBC Vitals article: “Women in the study who drank more than three cups of coffee a day were 20 percent less likely to develop basal cell carcinoma, a […]

Botox Can Decrease Anger and Sadness

Graphic of man smiling

Believe it or not this information holds some significant weight. Keep in mind that plastic surgery treatments like Botox can help a persons mood from feeling better about themselves but there is a bit more science to it. According to an article on the Wall Street Journal blog the decrease of using muscles for frowning have […]

6 month Post-OP FFS Surgery Patient Video

FFS surgery patient

One of our great FFS surgery patients recently took it upon themselves to put together this wonderful 6 month post-op video describing their experience with us during the facial feminization surgery experience.

What Is A Trachea Shave Procedure? [video]

What is a trachea shave

A trachea shave procedure is a very common procedure when one is trying to reduce the size of the Adams apple. In this video I go into detail describing what exactly consists of a tracheal shave cosmetic procedure for those of you who might be interested. What is a trachea shave >procedure?

Katie Price Loves Her Botox

Katie Price

Do you know who Katie Price is? If not Katie Price is a famous model who admits to receiving Botox injections every four months. Katie Price has been making headlines for quite some time now and she religiously stands by her choice to receive Botox injections in her face. A recent interview with her on […]

Teens Bullied into Plastic Surgery

Teen in surgical gear

It is quite unfortunate but the world we live in can be cruel. More and more young people in their teens are opting in for plastic surgery treatments to avoid the bullying in the schoolyard. Whether it is a nose job or an otoplasty young adults are doing anything they can to avoid the name […]

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel Featured on Vitals MSNBC


More and more professionals are insuring the tools they require to complete the task at hand to be able to not only provide for themselves but also their families. Celebrities that rely on their breasts, their hair and even the their hands are purchasing insurance policies to protect their assets that they rely on every single […]

What is the Difference Between Botox and Facial Fillers?

Dr. Spiegel

To clear up any confusion that often times pops up when deciding whether Botox or a facial filler is the right answer to help clean up and lines and wrinkles might have made their way to your face here is a short YouTube video where I explain in detail the difference between the two plastic […]

Why This Mum Loves Plastic Surgery [video]

Annette Edwards

When you get older gravity will set in whether you like it or not. For some plastic surgery is an easy answer and for others they would rather shun the industry than ever think about going under the knife. In this video this British mum explains why she pursues plastic surgery even at her age. […]

Transgender Time Lapse Video

Time Lapse

Here is a really neat video of a time lapse video of a transgender person as they embark from a female to a more masculine male like appearance through a vigorous 23 week workout regime.