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Why You Should Always Use A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon [video]

Woman with scar on face

It should feel natural to want to use a board certified plastic surgeon when venturing out to acquire plastic surgery but some people still to this day sacrifice quality for price. If you are in the market to acquire any sort of plastic surgery your first choice should be to find a board certified plastic […]

Come to our Spook-Tacular Botox Event

Botox event

You are invited to a Spook-Tacular Boo-tox event at Advanced Facial Aesthetics, 335 Boylston Street in Newton, beginning at the bewitching hour of 4pm till the moon is full on October 26th. Ghoulish treats and spirits will be provided. No tricks only treats for your skin! Botox Cosmetic & Juvederm Buy one site or syringe, […]

Swedish Surgeons Re-Attach Woman’s Face With Leeches

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A women in Sweden had an unfortunate accident when the family pet attacked and ripped half of her face off. Family members quickly grabbed the piece of skin, put it on ice and took the family member to the hospital. “Swedish surgeons have reattached a woman’s face after being attacked by a dog—using hundreds of […]

What is Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) Video

Dr. Spiegel

Are you wondering what facial feminization surgery is? In this video I describe in detail what exactly FFS surgery is and what it means for your face. Don’t forget to check out our new Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel YouTube channel as we will be updating it with new videos aimed at educating you on a variety […]

DIY Yourself Botox Injections? Stay Away! [video]

This is a lot like playing a serious game of Russian roulette. Do it yourself Botox kits sold online are probably one of the most horrible ideas a person can pursue. One wrong injection could leave your face scarred for life, do you really want to live with that? DIY Botox Injection kits have been […]

Do Not Inject Hot Beef Fat Into Your Face

Folks plastic surgery is extremely safe when done under the right supervision  but trying it at home could be hazardous to your health. This is not the first case where someone has trying to inject their face with some ridiculous substance (like beef fat) and either died or has had serious complications from it. In this case […]

Why Does Plastic Surgery Feel Like A Crime To Some?

It is amazing to see the various media outlets get a bit crazy over plastic surgery in this day in time. On one side you see celebrities flaunting their plastic surgery and on the other side you see them hiding it so much that the paparazzi is literally chasing them around to get photos. In this video […]

New Trend – Back To School Plastic Surgery

Yes folks you heard it correctly, back to school plastic surgery is the new growing trend. Since plastic surgery is such a widespread practice these days even young professionals looking to modify their aesthetic features are stepping into plastic surgery centers all over the globe before they hit the books again. With so many young […]

Advantages From Using Botox

Botox is no longer that taboo treatment that nobody talks about. Botox is now a widely used and accepted facial treatment that has a variety of positive outcomes that have been heavily publicized in the community. Numerous televisions shows and articles spread across main stream media outlets have identified all the miracles that can occur […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!