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What Does JWoww Think About The Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Woman receiving injection

If you have never heard of the immensely popular MTV television show, The Jersey Shore than you have to climb out from under the rock you have been living under and tune in. JWoww, a popular reality TV show actress on the show has made an amazing transformation from the season 1 to where she […]

Psoriasis Winter Home Treatment Tips

With winter right around the corner your psoriasis does not have to flame up and bother you during the cold dry weather. There are certain things a person can be doing right from home to help treat your psoriasis during the cold winter months that are almost here. Here are a few psoriasis treatments: Moisturize, […]

Baby Boomers Will Fuel the Plastic Surgery Industry

There are a significant amount of individuals from the baby boomer generation entering into the retirement zone and early predictions state that they could single-handedly  invest billions collectively into the plastic surgery industry over the new few years. Right now early estimates bring the current dollar amount of about $80 billion to just under $120 billion […]

75 Year Old Goes Under The Knife

plastic surgery

Senior citizen plastic surgery is a quickly growing demographic that has been growing rapidly over the last few years. More and more seniors are realizing that plastic surgery is perfectly safe and making them feel youthful and happy is a feeling that is simply amazing. In this video Sherri Cook is going under the knife […]

Charla Nash – Chimp Attack Victim Gets A New Face

Close up portrait of black Chimpanzee

A few years ago Charla Nash was attacked by a friends chimpanzee leaving her extremely disfigured and almost unrecognizable to the world. Recently Charla was given a new lease on life with a face transplant that was conducted right here in Boston at Brigham and Women’s Hospital which has conducted a few face transplants over […]

Plastic Surgery for Pets?

Cat icon

Plastic surgery for pets might not be something in the mainstream media but believe it or not it is something that is done here in the U.S and also in the U.K. Plastic surgery for pets has been occurring for many years. Typically it occurs not for aesthetic purposes but rather to help the animals breathing […]

Just How Real are the Real Housewives?

Smiling girl with green and red crown

This shouldn’t come at you as a shocker but Hollywood really enjoys their plastic surgery treatments. With technology advancements growing in leaps and bounds plastic surgeons are no capable of improving facial and body aesthetics like never before. If any of you watch the franchise, The Real Housewives which showcases the lives of groups of […]

Big Rich Texas Bonnie Loves Her Botox

Woman receiving injection

If you have never been to Dallas the cosmetic surgery industry there is extremely robust. If you haven’t seen Big Rich Texas, a reality TV show than you might want to take a gander for some Texas sized entertainment. One of the actors on the show is very open when it comes to her plastic […]

Going Overseas For Cosmetic Surgery Can Be Costly

Most people in today’s market place are always hunting for a good deal in regards to almost any purchase they make, this includes cosmetic surgery. Overseas cosmetic surgery can often times be cheaper but the risk from complication could set you back in many other ways and much further than if you just paid a […]

Dr. Spiegel Discusses Chronic Headaches on News Channel 4 [video]

Dr. Spiegel on Channel 4

Dr Spiegel was recently featured on News Channel 4 discussing a variety of different remedies a person can use when it comes to chronic headaches.

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!