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Plastic Surgery or Facial Fillers?

The facial plastic surgery industry has grown leaps and bounds over the years and the amount of surgery options available to the general community is growing more and more each year. Whether someone wants a procedure that is long lasting or simply has an expiration date there are plenty of options for both. For some […]

New Plastic Surgery Reality Show, Pretty Hurts

Woman receiving injection

It is pretty obvious that the plastic surgery industry is heading into a direction where everything is out in the open. The days of hiding your Botox treatment simply don’t apply like they once did and this new reality TV show, Pretty Hurts just adds to the ever growing popularity of facial & body plastic […]

How To Locate The Right Facial Feminization Surgeon

FFS surgery before and after

If you have been researching for the right facial feminization (FFS) surgeon for quite some time you most likely know that it is important to take your time in order to choose the right facial plastic surgeon that you feel comfortable with for your aesthetic surgery procedure. FFS surgery is something that many potential patients […]

Attorney General Martha Coakley Keynote Speaker for Transgender Rights Event

rainbow multicolored paper hearts on rope isolated on white, lgbt concept

With transgender topics being such a hot topic in our headlines today it is no surprise that the MA attorney general, Martha Coakley will be speaking at an upcoming transgender rights event at the Lawyers Of Transgender Rights Event on April 7 at 5:30 PM at Club Café in Boston. According to the Transgender Political […]

Nations First Person Receives Face Transplant

With medical technology moving at such a rapid pace there is no surprise that we are now capable of completing full facial transplants during high profile reconstructive surgery cases. Over the last few years there have only been a small handful of these facial transplants completed but in all cases have tremendously helped the patient […]

Beauty Giants Help During The Japan Crisis

Japan has always been on the fore front of all things beauty and many of the larger corporate giants that are involved in beautification are giving a helping hand to those tsunami victims in Japan. With the recent events in Japan victims will need a certain amount of help from everyone including the community that […]

Royal Wedding Attendance Check List Includes A New Nose

Bride holding in hands amazing huge blooming bouquet on wedding ceremony.

In recent article on the Sydney Morning Herald one special person attending the Royal Wedding goes far beyond the usual checklist of items before attending a wedding. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, an Olympic skier has a new nose on her check-list of things to bring to the global event. With an event like the Royal Wedding happing in April of […]

Important Plastic Surgery Predictions For 2011

It has been a very interesting few years in our economy and it seems like our country is slowly starting to climb out of the dark and into the light. In 2011 many industries, not just the facial plastic surgery industry will see a generous come back in terms of production. The American Society for […]

Why Facial Yoga Could Increase Wrinkles

Young redhead woman practising yoga

There are many resources bouncing around our health community stating that facial yoga can actually help with fighting wrinkles but actually it is the opposite. Facial yoga techniques can actually increase facial wrinkles if done incorrectly. Here are a number of reasons why: Many wrinkles are caused by muscle. Facial yoga can actually increase muscle […]

Come Help Us Win!

PSP Best of 2011

Come help us win! Plastic Surgery Center is conducting a best of 2011 for top plastic surgeons in the industry. The are looking for the best and the brightest when it comes to aesthetic plastic surgery and we are asking you to help a handing hand. Whether you like our practice or you are a […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!