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The New Craze “Vampire Facelift”?

Yes you heard it correctly a vampire facelift or vampire filler is all the craze now. It is a new type of filler procedure where the patient’s own blood is used to fill in any unwanted lines. A patient’s blood in conjunction with an injectable filler called Selphyl join forces to fill in lines that […]

KYTHERA Biopharmaceuticals New Study Shows Promising Fat Reduction


A recent study conducted by KYTHERA Biopharmaceuticals who is attempting to bring in a new medical treatment into society to reduce small pockets of fat has demonstrated positive initial  test results with a recent study utilizing 129 human test subjects. ATX-101 is a new facial treatment that is an injectable adipolytic agent aimed at reducing […]

More U.S Companies Covering Transgender Surgeries

Transgender type surgeries have brought on a great deal of discussion from a medical insurance coverage standpoint over the years. Perhaps our esteemed medical institutions did not understand the surgery like others do but as time moves on our community is educated on the importance of transgender surgery more and more. With mainstream media discussing […]

A Connection Between Climate Change And Skin Disease

There have been recent talks and studies by dermatologists all over the world that show a direct connection between climate change and skin problems such as acne, skin cancer and atopic diseases. Recently on February 7th an International Dermatology symposium dug deeper on the issues of climate change and how it has affected the human […]

5 Foods That Can Help You Combat Facial Wrinkles

Not everyone is gung ho to go under the knife to acquire a facelift which is why there are some foods that you could eat in order to attempt to achieve the same results. Sure it might take much longer but changing your diet could help tighten some of that skin that gravity has taken […]

Botox Now Treating Depression?

Since Botox came onto the scene many years ago it has been known to help out many different ailments other than just reducing wrinkles. A recent study shows that Botox is starting to now treat depression in many people by stimulating the way the muscles work in the forehead along with feeling great about receiving […]

Groundbreaking New Study Shows Discrimination Against Transgender People

Injustice at every turn

It is unfortunate that our society has not yet caught up to the idea that people go through gender changes just like people go through any other life changes that alter their lives. There was a rather detail study done recently on the discrimination of transgender people and the typical hardships that some of them fall […]

Deep Freezing and Cosmetic Surgery Now Unite

There is new type of cosmetic surgery procedure making it’s way into the industry and it doesn’t even require a knife. A new technology that has recently been introduced into the cosmetic surgery industry by a Boston based doctor at Harvard University revolves entirely around freezing the bodies fat cells. This fat freezing treatment can […]

Sculptra Promotion For The Month Of February

Sculptra Aesthetic

During the month of February we are offering a bundle package deal – buy 3, get 1 free, in addition to Sculptra’s rebate program with potential savings of up to $300! For more information please call our office at 617-414-5058 or email us with any questions at If you would like more information on […]

Your Smartphone Could Be Giving You Wrinkles

The smartphone industry has really snuck up on us and brought with it some health hazards. Aside from many engineers thinking that constant interaction with your smart phone could bring cancerous activity to your body we now we have to also worry about unwanted facial wrinkles making it onto our faces. People used to only […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!