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Do I Need A Rhinoplasty?

The reality is that not everyone really needs a rhinoplasty surgery. Some people think they need it when they really don’t and some people really think they don’t need it when in reality they do, some people don’t really think about it either way which is perfectly fine also. There are some ways you can […]

How To Reduce Scarring After Surgery

How to reduce scarring after surgery is often times simple you just have to following the doctor’s instructions very closely and follow the outlined plan. It is when you start to sway from those directions do recoveries and healing take much longer. Try following these simple steps in order to reduce scarring after surgery: No […]

More Teens Looking For Plastic Surgery?

With cable television running wild showing plastic surgery as a norm in society more and more teens have found themselves wanting to go under the knife wanting certain procedures completed to keep up with others surrounding them every day. Everything from breast augmentation to rhinoplasty procedures are at the top of the list for many […]

Why Doesn’t Insurance Cover My Cosmetic Procedure?

At the end of the day health insurance companies have the final say whether they will cover a cosmetic procedure or not. It is not up to the doctor or the office of where you are receiving your plastic surgery procedure whether the claim goes through or not.  Typically something that is cosmetic and does […]