Female Voice Surgery

Many patients contact our office looking for an option to improve the quality of their voice.  Voice surgery can offer patients a solution to achieve a higher pitched, more feminine voice.   However, in most cases, Dr. Spiegel does not recommend the surgery.  Dr. Jamie Kaufmann, a renowned laryngologist and alumni of Boston University School of Medicine, recommends against the surgery and she knows best.    While these surgeries can offer patients a quick and successful result; overall, the surgery can be risky and the results have been inconsistent at best.

There are some minor procedures that can be performed safely to improve the tone and quality of voice.   However, these options are not for everyone – ask Dr. Spiegel what’s right for you.

For now, voice therapy is the safest and most consistently successful means to voice improvement.  We will let you know as soon as there is a consistently safe and effective surgery available for voice feminization.   In the meantime, contact our office for a referral for a voice therapist today!