Patient Testimonials

bed hair, nothing female at all… and 100% of the people I dealt with called me ‘maam – even the guy at the cable store after he checked my driver’s license!! Dr. Spiegel, you are most of the reason for this – thank you, thank you.”


“I’m VERY happy with my results. It’s almost like you were reading my mind when it came to my nose even though my virtual FFS pictures were not an exact representation of my desire. Perhaps it was when you got a glimpse of my picture folder of actresses all with graceful noses while I was loading my pre-op and vffs pictures in your computer. Whatever, you made me so happy! I look like I was born this way, the woman I should have been. You’re a real talent doc.”


“Well, thanks again to you and Dr. Spiegel for all your good work and help. I’m still thrilled I did what I did these past 3 weeks, and the whole experience was much easier than I ever imagined possible.”


“It’s always fun talking with you, it will be great to see you again and of course I want your opinion on my recovery. All I can say is that I’m extremely happy happy happy.”


“I should be your ambassador I keep telling everyone what a great guy dr. Spiegel is!!!”


“You are such a blessing to our community. When I came to Southern Comfort last fall, I met with four surgeons, I had not met you, nor had I heard of you. When we met for a consultation, I was touched that the first thing you did was listen. You wanted to know me, to know what I wanted. You seemed so humble to me and you still do. You seem to be at peace and love what you do. Your practice is blossoming and that comes from your spirit, I know.”


“Thank you Kelly. You all have made such a difference in my life.”


“I am happy with the result and have achieved my desire to remove the male traits I didn’t like while looking unworked on and natural.”


“Sorry if I’m going overboard attaching so many pictures, but I can’t help but be thrilled with the results – Dr. Spiegel should be proud of his work, I get asked all the time who did my surgery. Thanks so much for everything, everyone that knew me before ffs is absolutely stunned by the outcome. The amount of attention I get when I’m out and about sometimes is unreal.”


“My eyes are beautiful. I love my nose. Wow…… You are all the greatest as far as I am concerned. Spiegel girls forever!!!!! Who needs Z or O???? I miss you all and am referring other girls to you who are in admiration of your work. Thank you for your support and caring.”