Asian Surgery

K-Pop, V-line, A-line, or just jaw surgery.  Whatever you call it, the results are dramatic!

Mandible (jaw) contouring is an extremely popular procedure in Asian countries and in the Asian community worldwide as many find it desirable to have a narrow jaw line.   Dr. Spiegel performs this surgery about 2-3 times every week!  The names “V-line” or “A-line” surgery refer to the streamlined look the procedures can provide – a seamless, smooth “v” at the bottom on the face.  This procedure achieved particular popularity in Korean and is sometimes referred to as “K-Pop” surgery since the results mimic those of well-known Korean pop music stars.

There are two main techniques used to narrow the jaw.  One does not require surgery and only requires a few doctor visits a year; Botox®!  Botox can be used to gently relax the jaw muscle thus making the jaw appear narrower.  This is ideal for someone who has a very strong jaw muscle but isn’t interested in, or doesn’t need to surgically adjusting the shape o the jaw bone.  The procedure itself takes only a few minutes and the results last 3-4 months.  This procedure may also help with uncomfortable TMJ symptoms, or grinding and clenching the jaw at night.  The medication is placed into the muscle on each side of the jaw and over the next several days the muscle relaxes and shrinks in size.  The shrinking narrows the appearance of the jaw and can create a more attractive jawline.

Some people have a prominent jaw due to a strong or wide mandible (jawbone).  In this case, Dr. Spiegel’s extensive experience in jaw surgery comes to your aid as he can work with you to create the jawline you’ve always wanted.

The procedure itself is quick, only about 60 minutes, and requires only two or three small incisions inside the mouth.  That’s right, there are no visible scars!  Dr. Spiegel is able to access the jaw and chin to narrow and reshape to the desired result through the mouth.  The bone, tissues and muscles of the jaw and chin are all adjusted to achieve the most attractive and natural result.    This procedure is done in an out-patient setting meaning that you can go home shortly after the procedure.  If you’ve ever had your wisdom teeth removed you know that you can get a lot of swelling after surgery inside your mouth and the jaw shaping procedure is no exception.  You’ll be quite swollen for 1-2 weeks, but shouldn’t feel bad.  The swelling will go away after that and the results keep getting better for a a year!  Best of all, your new good looks are permanent!

If you have ever thought of narrowing your jaw and chin, or “masseter muscle botox” or just want to learn more about your options contact our office at 617-566-3223 to set up your own consultation.

Lower eyelid filler

Many Asian patients visit our office seeking improvement for hollowness or shallow looking lower lids.  The solution for this is an easy office procedure that provides immediate results that last about 6-9 months!  Dr. Spiegel uses hyaluronic fillers like Restylane® or Juvederm® to improve the appearance of the lower eyelid.  By carefully placing the product beneath the lower lid the skin is lifted and appears less hollow, dark circles are minimized and the eyes appear more vibrant.   It is important to visit an experienced injector for this procedure since the under eye skin is extremely thin.  Sometimes we can use fat that we remove from elsewhere on your body to fill in this area.  Ask us how we can help you with lower eye shallowness and we will get you looking your best!

Asian Blepharoplasty / “Double Eyelid” Surgery

When considering blepharoplasty, you have many choices for surgeons. It is important that your surgeon understands the Asian aesthetic, and the particular anatomy of the Asian upper eyelid, in order to make the adjustments you desire.  Dr. Spiegel had done a considerable amount of research studying the differences in Asian blepharoplasty and what makes the eyes most attractive.  Often, by enhancing the eyelids to create a crease, we are able to maximize the attractiveness of the face. Dr. Spiegel studied the attractiveness of different positions for the eyelid crease in different populations and found important information regarding what makes a person most beautiful.  In 2014, the Aesthetic Surgery Journal published Drs. Spiegel’s article, “The effect of “single” vs “double” eyelids on the perceived attractiveness of Chinese women.”   This discussed the specific details of when a well-defined supratarsal crease is considered attractive and the importance of understanding why and to what degree the crease should be created to appear most attractive following “double” eyelid blepharoplasty.

The procedure is performed most often in the operating room and takes only about 90 minutes.  Patients are able to return home the same day as their procedure and are usually puffy and possibly bruised for about 5-7 days.  The incision is found in the top of the eyelid so it heals beautifully and out of sight.  Stitches are removed one week following the procedure.  Most patients feel great during their post-operative visit aside from some minor puffiness and are quickly enjoying their newly shaped eyes!

If you have ever considered adjusting the shape of your eyes or want to look more refreshed give our office a call to discuss your options with Dr. Spiegel!  Call us at 617-566-3223