Newest Demographic Climbing the Plastic Surgery Ranking

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People are now getting cosmetic surgery younger than ever. The proof is that the newest demographic climbing the plastic surgery ranking is millennials. Millennials refer to the generation of people typically born between the early 1980’s and mid to late 1990’s. They reach adulthood in the early 2000’s, which means currently the generation ranges in their twenties and thirties.

Prior to this generation, cosmetic surgery procedures not done for medical reasons (such as cleft lip or breast implants for those who underwent mastectomies) were not seen until the late 30’s, and did not become a popular alternative until a person was in their 40’s and 50’s. Why this sudden change in cosmetic procedure demographics?

It’s the Selfie Generation

Millennials are so obsessed with their image they have been dubbed “the selfie generation.” This intense focus on personal appearance has a lot to do with the influencers of modern day society. Not only are people faced with your average celebrity seen on television, but also social media celebrities. These social media elites are often famous based wholly on their looks.

Take, for example, an Instagram model. This route to infamy is based entirely on the images posted to their Instagram account, and revolves around their hair, face, makeup, and style choices. While style choices run the gambit from mainstream to alternative, the vanity factor remains the same.

A Rise in Non-Invasive Procedures

Another big contributor to this demographical rise is the increase in non-invasive procedures available. Previous generations primarily had surgical-only options, which required a lot of downtime, and were often quite obviously cosmetic surgery. Non-invasive procedures have the big benefit of requiring no or minimal downtime, so people can get right back to their daily routines the day of – or only a few short days after – their procedure takes place.  

These procedures are also much more natural in appearance. Results are subtler, and often come after an extended period of time. An example of this are Kybella injections, which allow gradual results in the four to six weeks following the procedure. Plus, no scars. Surgical procedures leave scars that, while typically covered up well, are still there. Non-invasive procedures do not have scars associated, so there’s nothing to cover up.

A Wider Acceptance & Open Way of Thinking

A reason not often credited as contributing to this rise (which should be) is that millennials tend to have a much wider acceptance and open way of thinking. When it comes to something different than what they do themselves, or that they believe in, they tend to just move forward without confrontation. This is the era of tolerance, and while there are still many issues, people feel free to be themselves. Cosmetic surgery, once a taboo topic, is now generally accepted as normal. If someone wants to get a procedure done, more power to them.

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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