Don’t Like Your Lips? It’s Easier Than You Think to Get Them Looking Plump

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Lush Plump Lips

If you don’t like your lips, you’re not alone. Many people feel their lips are too thin, or that they don’t have that seductive plump shape everyone begs for. The good news is this isn’t a permanent issue, but rather one with a very easy solution. When looking to have plump-looking lips, you have two great options to choose from: fillers, or lip augmentation.


Fillers are injections of fat or one of a variety of thin, gel-like substances that can make your lips bigger. The results are temporary, but with results lasting anywhere from three months to over a year. They are placed beneath your lip’s skin via either injection or a small incision. With correct placement, they can both shape your lip and fill out thin lips to look plumper.

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is basically a “lip lift.” It is a surgical procedure done in the office that lifts your lip closer to your nose. This causes the lips to look thicker by stretching them upwards, and gives them a more seductive shape. The results are permanent, but there is more downtime involved with a lip augmentation procedure than there is with fillers.

Which Is Right for You?

If you’re torn between deciding on the two options to get fuller lips, there are a few things to ask yourself. The way you answer can help you determine which option is the better for your personal situation.

How much time can you allot to recovery or downtime?

If you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands, you may want to choose fillers. A lip augmentation may require a week of recovery time, depending on the individual, while fillers typically heal up well within 24 hours.

Do you want permanent results, or temporary?

A lip augmentation is permanent, and the results will last a lifetime. Fillers are temporary, though long-lasting. If you aren’t sure if you’ll like the way your new lips look, you may want to start with fillers to see how thicker lips look on your facial structure. You can also discuss this question with your board certified plastic surgeon.

How Plump Do You Want Your Lips to Look?

Lip augmentation, while amazing, has limited results in just how thick it can your lips appear on its own. Fillers have much more diversity in the level of thickness. You can use just a small amount of filler to make lips slightly plumper, or add more to make them look a lot plumper.  

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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