Can Fat Come Back After Liposuction?

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Neck Lipo Fat

Many men and women who have issues losing weight turn to liposuction to help them get the results they want. But recent studies have suggested the fat removed after liposuction can come back. If this is the case, why choose liposuction at all? We decided to do some digging to get you the truth to the dire question: can fat come back after liposuction?

The answer turned out to not be as simple or one-sided as we’d originally assumed.

Liposuction is Spot Treatment

An important thing to understand is that liposuction is more of a spot treatment than a “get rid of extra fat all over my body” procedure. If you have excess fat sitting on your hips, then you can have that fat removed. The same with your stomach, buttocks, thighs, neck, back, etc. If you have fat sitting elsewhere on your body that you don’t have removed during the procedure, that fat will still be there.

Liposuction Removes Visceral Fat, Not the Fat Directly Under Your Skin

There are two types of fat which accumulate on your body. Subcutaneous is the type that sits just below your skin, while visceral is the kind that is deeper. It sits around your organs, and is the real culprit behind things like heart disease caused by obesity. Liposuction removes the visceral fat. While this is great news for your health, it would seem it wouldn’t make for drastic weight loss results. The real story is that it does make it so much easier for you to lose the subcutaneous fat left behind.  

If You Don’t Make Healthy Choices, It IS Going to Come Back

While surgical procedures like liposuction can give you a huge head start towards the body you’ve always dreamed of, it simply isn’t a fix-all solution. If you don’t make healthy choices, the fat is going to come back – that’s the way our bodies work. If you really want to make the most of your liposuction procedure, you should start by creating a healthier lifestyle. Even the smallest changes can make a world of difference. Check out these helpful tips for ideas on small, sustainable changes you can make to keep the fat off after liposuction:

  • Substitute just one soda or sugary coffee drink a day for a glass of ice water. You’ll be doing away with between 200 and 500 calories every single day, and burning off 7 calories while your body brings the water up to temperature.
  • Start taking moderately paced walks. Just 15 minutes a day, every single day, can do away with 30 extra calories.
  • Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins instead of overly processed foods.
  • Make your lunches at home to save both money and calories.
  • Incorporating just three short weight training sessions each week can help build muscle. This not only gives you a more toned figure, but also burns a small number of extra calories during your day. A single pound of muscle burns approximately seven more calories a day than a pound of fat. Transform five pounds of fat into muscle, and that’s an extra 35 calories every day while you’re just sitting around!

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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