5 Ways People Usually Talk Themselves Out of Plastic Surgery When They Shouldn’t

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Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can be a way to enhance your natural looks, bring you back to when you appeared more youthful, and boost your confidence. It can be used to diminish the appearance of scars, stretch marks, burns, or discoloration in your skin. It can be used to give you that final boost to the image you’ve always wanted to see in the mirror after dieting and exercise have reached their limits. Yet many people avoid plastic surgery simply because they talk themselves out of it, and they really shouldn’t.

“It’s Not Natural”

Plastic surgery has long had a stigma attached to it, with claims it isn’t natural. This isn’t entirely true. While some plastic surgery procedures allow you things you weren’t born with (like implants), many procedures just turn the clock back a little. Many procedures – like microneedling – utilize your body’s own reparative processes to get results. The fact is, people have been altering their appearances in one way or another for centuries, utilizing many different techniques that are simply archaic forms of plastic surgery. It’s basic human nature to want to look a little better so you feel a little better about yourself, and that by itself makes the process entirely natural.

“I’ll Never Be Able to Afford It”

Recent years has seen a slow but steady decrease in the amount of money it costs to get plastic surgery done. With a moderate time saving, the average middle-class patient can easily afford basic plastic surgery. Not only this, but there are many types of funding available that will loan you the full amount, and allow you to make monthly payments on it. One example is Care Credit, while some offices offer personal funding for qualified individuals.

“It Will Be Obvious I Got Plastic Surgery”

If you’re worried people will find it obvious you got plastic surgery, it’s important to know many procedures show slow, steady results over time. Kybella injections, for example, can take up to six weeks for your end results to show. This is where a few small injections are made into fat deposits. The fat is then liquified, and naturally gotten rid of by your body. With slow, steady results, nobody will even know you received plastic surgery – results appear as though you are naturally working them off yourself.

“It’s Not Safe”

Plastic surgery is entirely safe, and many procedures are minimally or non-invasive. If you have preexisting health conditions, take long-term medications, or have any other health worries, just talk to your certified plastic surgeon about them. They will be able to tell you which procedures are safe for you. The average, healthy patient should have no issues receiving any plastic surgery.

“It Will Require Amounts of Recovery I Don’t Have Time For”

While it is true that some plastic surgery procedures require the same amount of recovery time as normal surgery, there are many procedures which offer impressive results with little to no downtime. Sometimes you can walk right out of your doctor’s office and continue with your day. Other times, you may need only a day or two to rest to recover.

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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