Plastic Surgery Myths you Should Definitely Ignore

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Unfortunately, there are myths that can potentially scare you away from plastic surgery. In this article, we’ll identify and dispel some of them. Five myths that should never scare you away from plastic surgery are:

You Don’t Need a Board Certified Surgeon

Plastic Surgery Myths

Plastic surgery programs are highly selective in regards to admission. As a result, plastic surgeons are some of the most intelligent, competent individuals in the medical field. In addition, up-to-date board certification and licensing requirements ensure that surgeons practicing in the United States are doing so at the highest level.

Your Results Will Be Poor

While concerns in regards to results are justified and certainly understandable, it’s something that shouldn’t scare you away from plastic surgery. Choosing a surgeon that you trust is the key to good results. Some of the things to look at when choosing your surgeon are:

  • Experience– Quality education and experience are key. Take note of where a surgeon completed their residency and fellowship. Also, research any awards, accolades, and publications they might have.
  • Specialization– Surgery has become highly specialized. If you’re wanting a specific procedure, research surgeons in your area that specialize in it.
  • Chemistry– You should always choose a surgeon you have good chemistry with. Good chemistry ensures mutual trust and understanding, which then leads to good results.
  • Patient Testimonials– Patient testimonials are a good way of letting you know what other patients are saying about a surgeon. Use them to help you.
  • Before and After Photos– Choose a surgeon who can show you before and after photos relevant to the procedure you’re interested in. They can be a great way to ensure you get the good results you want.

There Isn’t Enough Information

Common myth would have you believe that there isn’t enough scientific information associated with plastic surgery. This couldn’t be less accurate. Plastic surgery is in fact a branch of surgery associated with the medical field. Like all areas of the medical field, it’s rooted in scientific data and facts. This information is readily available to all patients. A good surgeon will be one that presents it to you in a manner you can understand and appreciate.

You’ll Regret It

If you educate yourself beforehand and choose your surgeon wisely, you won’t regret plastic surgery. In fact, you’ll think it was a great decision, as your results will be what you wanted and expected. Patient testimonials can really help you in this regard if you’re concerned.

It’s Too Expensive

The days of plastic surgery only being available to the rich and famous are long gone. Plastic surgery is now more affordable than ever. Because prices are always different, it’s always best to talk about pricing with your surgeon.

Never let myths steer you away from plastic surgery. Always seek the facts. Highly qualified plastic surgeons are practicing and providing patients with great results at a decreased cost. Tons of real, proven scientific information is available to any and all current and future plastic surgery patients. If you choose a surgeon using the tips provided above, your results will be great.


Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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