Facial Contouring is a New Korean Plastic Surgery Trend

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Korean Plastic Surgery

Although facial features like the eyes and nose have normally been used to determine the standard of facial beauty in people, an all-new trend of facial contouring looks set to take place of this. Over the past few months, this procedure has become an extremely popular option in Korea, with many patients having it performed.

Two Parts to Successful Facial Contouring Surgery

The process of facial contouring surgery can be separated into 2 parts, the first of which enhances the size and facial line of the cheekbones, chin and square jaw, and the second, which consists of a bi-maxillary surgery that involves operating on the bones of the upper and lower jaw of the patient. There has been a tremendous increase in the amount of patients who have visited plastic surgeons recently to have facial contour procedures carried out. One of the main reasons for this has been attributed to the fact that patients are usually able to get the results they want – the only time where it is not possible to do so is when severe malocclusion is present.

Orthodontia not needed

One of the main benefits of facial contour surgery is that it does not require orthodontia to be performed as well, and patients are able to enjoy a far shorter recovery period afterwards as well. However, it is important to remember that some patients may experience side effects when having imprudent bi-maxillary surgery performed. As a result, this procedure should not be done solely for cosmetic purposes.

Factors to Consider beforehand

The representative director of TL Plastic Surgery in Korea, Sewoon Choi, has given a recommendation that “to make a natural and beautiful face shape, the surgery should be operated after considering various factors including a proportion of looks, and cubic effect of face.” He also went on to mention that “it is critical to select a plastic surgery hospital which can give trustworthy results by applying a proper operation method.” In other words, the patient’s existing facial contours should be considered before performing surgery and the services of a reputable plastic surgeon should be used to obtain the best results.

Choi has also been successful in developing a tightening contour surgical procedure that can help prevent sagging after having facial contour surgery carried out. This has gone a long way to enhance customer satisfaction because it not only allows the patient’s facial shape to be improved; the overall tone of the skin and muscle tissue is vastly improved at the same time as well.

The surgeon has also gone on to stress that patients should ensure that the clinic they want to have their surgery performed at should make use of qualified and experienced surgeons as well as anesthetists. This will not only ensure that patients are able to obtain the results they are looking for; it will ensure that the procedure goes as smoothly as possible and that the chance of complications occurring is kept to a minimum.


Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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