The Positive Emotional Steps Post Plastic Surgery

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Happy Post Plastic Surgery

Each year, millions of patients have plastic surgery performed for various reasons. While the physical benefits can be clearly seen after initial healing has taken place, not many people realize how many emotional benefits can be enjoyed in conjunction with a new and improved appearance. Below are just a few ways in which patients can benefit emotionally after having almost any form of cosmetic surgery performed.

Boosted Levels of Self-Esteem

Patients who have suffered from low self-esteem levels over the years as a result of obvious physical flaws or even other aspects of their outward appearance that they have not been happy with will know just how emotionally debilitating it can be to live this way. However, after having either cosmetic or even plastic surgery performed to correct these issues, they can look forward to feeling a lot better emotionally. Most patients will feel more confident about appearing in public, which makes them more eager to start socializing and meeting new people.

A Happier Life

Patients who have plastic surgery performed to enhance their appearances normally also end up leading far happier lives. In many cases, they will even be willing to take on new risks that they would not have even considered taking previously, such as introducing themselves to a brand new circle of friends, deciding to further their studies or even applying for a new job that they would not have had the confidence to apply for before.

Help Forget Past Trauma

Many plastic surgery patients have suffered from severe emotional trauma while growing up because of being teased about various aspects of their appearance – such as ears that stick out, a large nose or anything else that is not deemed to be ‘perfect.’ In most cases, this type of trauma is carried well into adulthood. However, after having cosmetic surgery performed to correct the aspects that have been deemed as imperfections by others, many patients have reported that no longer seeing those imperfections when looking in the mirror has enabled them to help forget the hurt of the past and start loving their new appearances.

Choosing a Surgeon

When choosing a plastic surgeon, patients should ensure that he or she has their best interests at heart. It is important for patients to feel completely comfortable in their surgeon’s presence as well, as this will enable them to share their emotions and concerns regarding the procedures they would like to have performed. Patients should also ensure that their choice of surgeon is based on his or her reputation instead of on price, as this will ensure that procedures are carried out safely.

As with any medical procedure or operation, there is always the risk of having complications occur afterwards. However, most of these can be minimized when patients are willing to follow the post-operative care instructions of their surgeons. It is also important to ensure that a surgeon’s credentials are checked and that he or she has experience in performing the procedures that patients want to have performed on them.


Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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