How Plastic Surgery Can Improve a Marriage

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Marriage & Plastic Surgery

Although thousands of people opt to get divorced each year or even just part ways in cases of unmarried couples for different reasons, one of the reasons that are most often cited is that one or even both spouses start to feel insecure about their overall appearances. While many of them feel that there may be nothing they can do to improve their looks, many others are opting to have plastic surgery performed in a last ditch effort to save an ailing relationship.

Make Spouses Feel Good Again

One of the main reasons for a spouse or couple to have cosmetic surgery performed is because they are starting to feel insecure about the fact that they are showing signs of aging – especially if one partner makes comments about the fact that the other is starting to “look their age” or is “getting old.” As innocent as comments like these may be intended to be, many of them can result in a partner being left to wonder if they are still attractive or appealing enough to keep the romance alive in their marriages. Having almost any form of plastic surgery performed to address the issues causing a spouse to feel insecure can go a long way in helping these couples to reconnect again.

Most Popular Procedures

When it comes to having surgery performed in a bid to improve a marriage, there are a few options that have become extremely popular. These include, but may not always be limited to eyelid lifts, laser facial treatments, chemical peels, breast lifts or augmentation, skin tightening, facelift procedures, Botox, filler injections, mole removal, rhinoplasty and many others. However, more and more people are choosing to have non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures performed. Not only does this result in quicker recovery times; it also ensures that a spouse does not make too much of a drastic change to his or her appearance.

Points to Remember

While the option of plastic surgery may provide an ailing marriage with somewhat of a boost, this may not always be enough to completely rekindle or even rescue a relationship – especially if there are more serious issues that need to be addressed. Dr. Andrew Miller, a New Jersey facial plastic surgeon, stated the following in this regard, “While plastic surgery can improve one’s appearance significantly, it is important to have it done for the right reasons.” It is also important to ensure that the spouse who is having the surgery performed has the support of the other spouse beforehand, as failure to do so could cause even more problems within the relationship.

While it is often possible to improve a marriage by having plastic surgery performed, there are usually many other issues that are responsible for marriage breakdown, such as work-related problems, financial issues or even family matters. However, when one partner in a marriage has the support of the other to have surgery performed, there is always a good chance that the new look can help rekindle at least some of the romance that used to be present.


Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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