What is Micro-Needling?

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Micro Needling

When it comes to cosmetic surgery and facial procedures, it would seem as though there is almost always something new that is being made available. One of the latest options to hit the cosmetic surgery market is micro-needling, which is a non-invasive facial procedure that can be performed quite quickly and safely in almost any cosmetic surgeon’s office.

What Does the Procedure Treat?

Alternatively referred to as Dermaroller treatment, skin needling or collagen induction therapy, this facial procedure has been hailed as a breakthrough remedy for the treatment of skin-related flaws such as acne scarring, burn scars, surgical scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, dilated pores, damage caused by years of unprotected sun exposure, uneven skin tone, pigmentation marks and even stretch marks. It has been shown to help encourage the production of collagen and elastin and has become a popular treatment for celebrities such as Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.

How it Works

The surgeon performing the procedure will apply numbing cream to the areas that will be treated beforehand to reduce pain and discomfort. A roller device or a pen-shaped device containing dozens of micro needles will be applied to areas of the face that need treatment. The needles penetrate the dermis and then enter the upper dermis. As the needles penetrate the skin, they create micro-wounds, which trigger a “healing” response in the body. This results in new elastin and collagen being produced and new skin cells are regenerated, leaving the patient’s facial area looking smoother, younger and wrinkle-free.

Potential Side Effects

Patients who have this procedure performed may experience side effects for a day or two afterwards. The most commonly listed after-effects include minor flaking and dryness of the skin, redness and skin feeling sensitive to the touch for anywhere between 24 and 72 hours after the procedure has been performed. In extremely rare cases, micro-sized scabs may form, which can sometimes become infected. However, instances of this occurring are extremely rare. The surgeon may recommend that a moisturizing product designed for sensitive skin should be used for the first few days after the procedure has been performed.

Points to Remember

It is strongly recommended that patients wait at least a few days before trying to apply make-up to their skin after having this treatment performed. Sun exposure should also be kept to a minimum until redness and sensitivity levels have decreased. Excessive scrubbing and exfoliation of the face should also be avoided until healing has occurred and patients can expect to start seeing a visible improvement in the appearance of their skin within six to eight weeks at the most. The use of anti-inflammatory medications should also be avoided for the first few days after micro-needling has been performed.

Although there has been much negative publicity regarding the micro-needling procedure, cosmetic surgeons have stated that it is perfectly safe to undergo. If additional treatments are required, it is highly recommended that patients wait approximately eight to 10 weeks before having it performed, as this will enable both layers of skin to heal properly.

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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