Chris Tina Bruce, Transgender Bodybuilder, Competes as a Woman

Jul 11th, 20123 Comments

Chris Tina Bruce

As the world is starting to finally open their eyes to accepting transgender men and women in competitions such as beauty pageants and sporting events; now even body builders can compete in an equal environment.

As seen on the Huffington Post:

“A transgender bodybuilder who competed as a man 20 years ago is now coming back to the sport as a woman. Bruce, a 42-year-old personal trainer living in San Diego, will get another chance to go for the gold on Oct. 29 at the Border States Classic Bodybuilding competition — but this time, it will be as Chris Tina Bruce, and she will be competing as a woman.

It’s the culmination of a long journey that included divorce and surgery, but gave Bruce inner peace.

“I had to come to terms with the transgendered issue,” admitted Bruce. “I tried to get away from the things I did as a guy, but I decided I had to be me.”

“I am perfectly fine that a typical male-to-female transgender wants to be girly, but don’t put me in that bag,” said Bruce, who speaks with a voice that’s anything but “girly.” “This is me. I race cars and I love football. I may be a third hybrid.”

Growing up, few people were aware that the 6-foot, 3-inch Bruce secretly identified as a female — and she didn’t make any attempt to let friends or family in on the secret.

Instead, Bruce tried to satisfy her feminine side by cross-dressing. Working in sales allowed Bruce to wear dresses while away from the family.”

Although not easy, Chris is determined to win however in some eyes, she’s already won.  Being able to be herself, do what she loves and be an inspiration for others who are struggling with Gender Identity Disorder is a winning combination.

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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3 responses to “Chris Tina Bruce, Transgender Bodybuilder, Competes as a Woman”

  1. Mel says:

    Thanks for sharing but the comments made on the Youtube video are disgusting. So much hate just because somebody is different and wants to live a normal life like anyone else? How does this possibly affect anyones life?

    • Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel says:

      It is very unfortunate that people have to show that side but the community stands together strong.

  2. Bibi K. says:

    Hi Dr. Spiegel, do you know if she (Chris Tina) had FFS surgery? Did she do it with you? If so, I would like to speak about that with you personally, because I would be interested in FFS myself. Thanks!

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