New Surgery Can Change Eye Color

Nov 10th, 20112 Comments

With so many cosmetic treatments available in today’s cosmetic surgery industry it was only a matter of time before permanent eye color changes where offered. A doctor has done just that.

“Is it safe? Dr. Gregg Homer of Calif.-based Stroma Medical, the company behind the experimental procedure, told that he’s convinced it doesn’t affect vision. But the color change is permanent, so those new baby blues will be crying if the old brown eyes are missed.

The key to the procedure is a specially tuned laser that destroys the natural brown pigment melanin in the iris, the eye’s central colored portion. The laser treatment takes about 20 seconds, with the color change occurring gradually over the next two to three weeks.”

Eye Color Change Video


Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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2 responses to “New Surgery Can Change Eye Color”

  1. I guess once you have changed everything about your appearance, there is only so much left to do.
    I would prefer green myself though.

  2. Carol R. says:

    I guess African Americans are short on this one since most of us have brown eyes. Wonder if they can just take out some of the brown pigmentation, and I can have hazel eyes.

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