The Painless Needle Hits The Plastic Surgery Market

Jul 26th, 20111 Comment

Ouchless Needle

For all of you who are scared of the topical ointments or pain caused by the needle during an injection can now have a little bit of peace of mind. BellaNovus has created a new type of painless needle aimed for those scared of the typical process of injection. The new Ouchless Needle can be used on Botox, Juvaderm and Restylane.

“This patent pending Ouchless™ Needle is a disposable syringe-attachable dispenser that delivers a precise stream of numbing vapocoolant to the skin just ahead of the tip of the needle just before the skin is pierced, and does not leave patients with post injection numbness.”

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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  1. ItBecomesYou says:

    The Ouchless Needle was created by leading innovative cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Marc Salzman as a solution for his patients. He wanted to help ease the pain associated with injectables, and developed this product. Thanks for sharing!

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