Living Around Traffic Can Increase Skin Aging

Jul 19th, 2011No Comments

As our medical industry/technology increases and advances in leaps and bounds we as a community are able to discover new ways to not only escape the grips of aging but also understand the cause of aging as we all get older. In a recent study conducted by Dr. Krutmann, professor of dermatology and environmental health medicine at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“New evidence indicates that an important cause of extrinsic skin aging is chronic exposure to soot and other airborne particulates generated by motor vehicle exhaust.

A strong epidemiologic association has been established between residing near a busy highway and increased skin wrinkling and pigmented spots, and a plausible biologic mechanism for causality has been established. Thus, exposure to traffic-related airborne particulate matter joins solar ultraviolet radiation and tobacco smoke as the third potentially modifiable major factor identified in extrinsic skin aging, Dr. Jean Krutmann said at the World Congress of Dermatology.”

Here are some direct links to the study:

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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