What Does 52 Plastic Surgeries Look Like?

Apr 5th, 20111 Comment

Cindy Jackson 52 Plastic SurgeriesMeet Cindy Jackson, she has successful completed 52 plastic surgery treatment ranging from face lifts to knee liposuction. Cindy Jackson holds the record for most plastic surgery treatments completed by one person. She is on a quest to completely stop mother nature and reverse all signs of aging. When is too much? It is up to the plastic surgeon to really put the brakes on a surgery if they don’t feel that it should be happening. It is very possible that Cindy might never be completely happy which sometimes stems from a condition called body dysmorphic disorder which some patients do suffer from.

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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  1. Annie Parm says:

    I want my FFS done too…… 🙁

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