Royal Wedding Attendance Check List Includes A New Nose

Mar 17th, 2011No Comments

Tara Palmer Tomkinson Nose JobIn recent article on the Sydney Morning Herald one special person attending the Royal Wedding goes far beyond the usual checklist of items before attending a wedding. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, an Olympic skier has a new nose on her check-list of things to bring to the global event. With an event like the Royal Wedding happing in April of this year people who have been invited want to look their best. For some it might be the right pair of shoes, others it could be that designer dress and for some the important thing is feeling good and looking right so they turn to facial plastic surgery to make that happen.

There is a surge of facial plastic surgery not just in Great Britain but all over the world. When things start to get better with personal finances the novelties that were once put on the back burner start to make their way back into people’s lives, we are seeing this occur right now across the world. Getting a nose job for a wedding is something that is starting to happen again and the Royal Wedding will not be the last time we see these types of headlines.

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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