Botox Now Treating Depression?

Feb 15th, 20114 Comments

Since Botox came onto the scene many years ago it has been known to help out many different ailments other than just reducing wrinkles. A recent study shows that Botox is starting to now treat depression in many people by stimulating the way the muscles work in the forehead along with feeling great about receiving the procedure as well. Botox has turned into this little wonderful treatment that has simply helped out people’s live in many ways. Could it be a positive side effect from feeling good about yourself? Some experts say Botox has extraordinary positive benefits that stem much further than just creating a pretty face.

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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4 responses to “Botox Now Treating Depression?”

  1. Philly70 says:

    A person who is always smiling seems foolish, but a positive “attitude of gratitude” is always helpful.This is just another sales gimmick. Snake oil, and nothing more.

  2. Philly70 says:

    This is very interesting, but I would rather keep my facial expressions. But I heard that if you get a higher dose of Botox it can cause serious complications.

  3. Tanya H says:

    Of course it helps treat depression. Botox takes away our signs aging… who wouldn’t be happy about that???

  4. Paige says:

    I have a mild case of depression and I’ve had botox a few times around my eyes for crows feet. I did notice a difference in my mood afterward. I even had others say my mood was “happier”. It wasn’t just because my crows feet were going away. I think there might be something to botox treating depression.

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