How Does A Mom Discuss Her Plastic Surgery With A Young Child?

Dec 14th, 2010No Comments

My Beautiful Mommy BookWith a rather large demographic of plastic surgery patients being moms how does a mother explain her recent plastic surgery procedure with a young child who questions her new look? Many moms are faced with the challenge of having to explain why their breasts are larger or their nose is smaller to a young child who does not really understand the concepts of plastic surgery yet. It is a sensitive subject that many moms have had a difficulty trying to explain without alarming the child.

There is now a children’s book that explains to a child why mommy might look a bit different now. My Beautiful Mommy is a children’s book that was written to help younger children better understand the complexities of why a parent might look different due to a recent plastic surgery treatment or experience. Speaking to a small child or trying to answer their questions requires a delicate approach because you don’t want to alarm them about your recent or future surgeries. Children speak their mind and they will question anything and how they react to your surgical procedure is very important from a psychological stand point.

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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