Stem Cells And Facial Plastics

Sep 14th, 20101 Comment

For quite sometime now in the medical world the use of stem cells in a persons body to fix failing organs and injuries due to diseases plaguing and individuals body has been on the front line from a controversial stand point
since the beginning. Stem cells have now recently found their way into the patient waiting rooms of facial cosmetic plastic surgeons all over the United States when performing certain types of face lift procedures.

The L.A Times has recently wrote a very interesting piece regarding the use of stems cells and facial plastics to cover up any sagging skin or blemishes through the means of a face lift. Scientists make no claim that there is any connection between facial plastic surgery procedures and the use of stem cells but patients in Beverly Hills tend to think otherwise. The great thing that patients seem to like about the use of stem cells in their face is the lack of sharp objects creating incisions.The surgon collects fat from the body, removes the stems cells through a specific process and then applies the cells directly into the treated areas on the face.

“Nathan Newman, MD, a cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills, says that he has performed more than 200 of the procedures in the last five years. Richard Ellenbogen, MD, FACS, a plastic surgeon who also practices in Beverly Hills, says that stem cell face-lifts are a booming business. “I’ve been performing about one every other day,” he says.”

Stem cell therapy has been known to have amazing healing capabilities on the human body we are still on the nose end of research. There is still much to learn regarding stem cells and over time we will understand much more surrounding this area of discussion.

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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  1. Dr. Spiegel,

    We appreciate your comments and guidance on the emergence of facial plastic surgery and stem cells.

    We believe, and have invested over $250 million dollars, that more and more surgeons will embrace regenerative aesthetics over time.

    Have a great day.

    Matthew Ray Scott

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