New Plastic Surgery Reality Show, Bridalplasty

Sep 21st, 20101 Comment

It is official there will be a new reality based television show on the E! network called Bridalplasty coming very soon. Basically what will be happening is new brides will play a series of games such as writing their vows and planning honeymoons and in return they will be rewarded certain cosmetic procedures while others get voted off the show. As you can imagine the critics are smacking their chops looking to write as much hate literature as they possibly can on this new cosmetic surgery T.V show.

There will be many people out there that are going to think that this is really sending out the wrong message to the community and others will embrace it. This new television show has been a reality T.V shock to many and the show has not even started airing yet. The press has been having a field day regarding this new show and I don’t think it will stop any time soon either. Some news sources have dubbed it the “Bride of Frankenstein” as they are so outraged by the show.

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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